Monday, December 20, 2010

Bumble Bee Card

I made this cute bumble bee card project from Tilda's Friend, a craft book that I borrowed from library.

 Materials :  felt,card stock and rhinestone. Look cute, isn't it?

Basic Quilling

Quilling is the art of rolling,bending and creasing narrow strips of paper into coils & scrolls,then
assembling these shapes into decorative design.
Quilling can be made into standing or hanging ornaments or it can be attached to surfaces such as box,
card etc.
To learn to roll coils is quite simple, but takes a practise,just be patient.

Follow this basic shapes to practise:
Note : I use half lenghts of 21 cm lenghts. You may need a 'bambo skewer' for tool handle.

Prepare strip of paper, bambo skewer and craft glue

Tight Roll : After rolling, glue the loose end before removing from tool.

Loose Roll : After rolling, remove the tool and allow the tension on the roll to relax.
Glue the loose end.

Heart Scroll : Crease paper in the centre. Roll each end towards the centre.

V Scroll : Crease paper in the centre. Roll each end outwards.

C Scroll : Roll each end towards the centre.

S Scroll : Roll each end in opposite directions towards the centre.

Open Scroll :  Before rolling, run paper between your finger. This gives
a nice curl to the paper. Roll one end only.

You can attached scrolls on card or gift tag ! Very simple right?



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