Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Make Lollipop Decoration/Card?

Its really easy, just follow these pictures below :

You need :  
Scissors, Paper ( you can use any paper/colors you like ),Circle Template,
Craft glue/double side tape,Ribbon,Ice Cream Stick,Used Card board.

 You can put everything your lollipop! The choice is yours :) 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Worry Doll

These unique Uber mini dolls I bought from one of my favorite store in downtown Bendigo.
Its named "Peruvian Worry Dolls". Handmade from Peru.

There is legend among the highland indian villages of Peru, that is you have
a problem,then share it with a worry doll.

Before going to bed,tell one worry to each doll,then place them beneath your
pillow. While your sleep the doll will take your worries away.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's paint your own!

Fabric paints are now available in most art shops.
They come in various forms - tubes, jars, etc.
My favorite brand of fabric paint is "Fabric Fun" of  Pentel.
The price inexpensive (around $15.00)  for 15 brilliant colors!
or you might decide to buy any brand for just several colors or whole set.

What you can decorate :
1. Sneakers
   If you have a plain one, decorate it! Its a good idea to sketch it in your design
   before you painting it.
2. A hat
   Don't use nylon hat! Choose a straw or fabric hat (cotton hat).
3. Pillowcases,Handkerchiefs and tshirts
   You could design animals,fruits etc Some ideas - cut out pencil shapes or
   use a sponge and a tooth brush

Have fun!

Artwork by Dessy Bush - Inkscape

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tzunami Kanzashi

How to make 'Tzunami Kanzashi' ?  Its so easy like origami / paper craft but this made with fabric.

Materials :
- Cotton Thick fabric
- Needle
- Scissors
- Ruler

1. Cut 6 squares of the same fabric, mine is 5 cmx 5cm.  You can use different size,small or big.

2. Place a fabric square on the table in front of you. Fold the square into triangle with the point facing you.

3. Fold the two side points of the triangle into middle point,the one facing you.
    Now you have a gap in the middle of the square you have folded.
    Fold the square in half.You will have a triangle shape with a gap in the middle.
    Pinch the open end between your fingers.
    Turn the fabric over and fold the two corner into the  center.

4. Thread a needle , dont forget tie a knot in the end.
    Sew thru the end you are pinching with a tacking stitch.

5. Cut away the pointy end of the petal. Repeat, to make all 6 petals for your flowers.

6.  Thread a needle ( double thread ) and sew through each petal,joining them
     in a line. Sew through the first petal again and pull the thread taught to make
     a flower shape. Fasten your thread with a knot.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paper Piecing

Paper Piecing is cutting pieces of paper or card into specific shapes and
putting them together to create pictures.
You can use a pre-made pattern, coloring book or you can create your own.
All you need is simple line drawing!

Use scanner/photocopier to reduce/enlarge pictures if they aren't in the right size.

Here some pattern for you to begin with :

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun with Kirigami

Kirigami means :  Kiri " cutting" and gami "paper" ( Japanese ).
It's easy craft that required only pair,paper of scissors and
 ( sometimes ) glue.
So, with Kirigami tehnique anyone can create greeting cards, tag even for scrapbook embellishment.
Take a look simple basic of Kirigami.


You need : -  Scissors
                -  Pencil
                 -  A square piece of paper
                   or origami paper, you can find in a dollar store/craft store.

1. Folder the paper into quarters

2. Look for the closed corner which is the center of the paper.
    Fold this corner  half.

3. Complete kirigami prefold.


1. Make Kirigami Prefold

2. Draw ( same as on picture  )

3. Cut out the lines,the darker area will fall off

4. Unfold the paper . Complete Cut out! 

   More cut out? I'll share in next post :)  


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