Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun with Kirigami

Kirigami means :  Kiri " cutting" and gami "paper" ( Japanese ).
It's easy craft that required only pair,paper of scissors and
 ( sometimes ) glue.
So, with Kirigami tehnique anyone can create greeting cards, tag even for scrapbook embellishment.
Take a look simple basic of Kirigami.


You need : -  Scissors
                -  Pencil
                 -  A square piece of paper
                   or origami paper, you can find in a dollar store/craft store.

1. Folder the paper into quarters

2. Look for the closed corner which is the center of the paper.
    Fold this corner  half.

3. Complete kirigami prefold.


1. Make Kirigami Prefold

2. Draw ( same as on picture  )

3. Cut out the lines,the darker area will fall off

4. Unfold the paper . Complete Cut out! 

   More cut out? I'll share in next post :)  


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