Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's paint your own!

Fabric paints are now available in most art shops.
They come in various forms - tubes, jars, etc.
My favorite brand of fabric paint is "Fabric Fun" of  Pentel.
The price inexpensive (around $15.00)  for 15 brilliant colors!
or you might decide to buy any brand for just several colors or whole set.

What you can decorate :
1. Sneakers
   If you have a plain one, decorate it! Its a good idea to sketch it in your design
   before you painting it.
2. A hat
   Don't use nylon hat! Choose a straw or fabric hat (cotton hat).
3. Pillowcases,Handkerchiefs and tshirts
   You could design animals,fruits etc Some ideas - cut out pencil shapes or
   use a sponge and a tooth brush

Have fun!

Artwork by Dessy Bush - Inkscape


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