Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tzunami Kanzashi

How to make 'Tzunami Kanzashi' ?  Its so easy like origami / paper craft but this made with fabric.

Materials :
- Cotton Thick fabric
- Needle
- Scissors
- Ruler

1. Cut 6 squares of the same fabric, mine is 5 cmx 5cm.  You can use different size,small or big.

2. Place a fabric square on the table in front of you. Fold the square into triangle with the point facing you.

3. Fold the two side points of the triangle into middle point,the one facing you.
    Now you have a gap in the middle of the square you have folded.
    Fold the square in half.You will have a triangle shape with a gap in the middle.
    Pinch the open end between your fingers.
    Turn the fabric over and fold the two corner into the  center.

4. Thread a needle , dont forget tie a knot in the end.
    Sew thru the end you are pinching with a tacking stitch.

5. Cut away the pointy end of the petal. Repeat, to make all 6 petals for your flowers.

6.  Thread a needle ( double thread ) and sew through each petal,joining them
     in a line. Sew through the first petal again and pull the thread taught to make
     a flower shape. Fasten your thread with a knot.


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