Sunday, June 26, 2011

Patchwork Pillow Quilt ( Basic )

Follows the steps to make your own pillows :

1. CUT
Prepare fabric pieces  into squares. Cut them into any desired shape.Each square must be cut into same shape. Following some ideas :

2. SEW
 You can make any pillows in any size and shape you like.  If you have cut the material into strips or triangles then sew them into squares again.
Then sew the squares together ( using 5mm stitching ). Please note that if you are sewing an uncut
square to one that had been cut and sewn together again, then you will need to trim the uncut
square to the same smaller size. Press seams flat before quilting
 Cut a piece of the dacron sheet provided into the same size as your patchwork. Pin the dacron to the back of the patchwork to hold it in a place. Then sew the two pieces together by making
small in out stitches through both layers by hand.
Sew along the outline of those piece or you can follow any design you choose.

Next turn your patchwork quilt into a pillow. First cut a piece of calico cotton sheet the same size as your patchwork quilt. next place the patchwork face down onto the calico sheet and pin the pieces together to hold it in place.
Then turn it inside out and stuff with the polyester pillow stuffing provided. Then sew the open end together by folding the raw edges inside and sew along the edge with topstich.

5. DECORATE with little YO-YO's
You can sew little yoyo's onto your pillow. Stitch into place on the pillow.

How to make little yo-yo's ? on the next post!


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